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What problems you may have when travelling to Sapa and your solutions

Problem 1:
Travelers are frequently led to foreign currency exchange venues by station bus drivers. At these exchanges they are given a poor exchange rate, e.g.: 10,000 VND for US$1 rather than standard 19,500 VND. In addition the driver receives a commission from the exchange seller. Please click here to update the currency exchange rates.
--> Solution 1
Travelers should be encouraged to exchanges money at th¬e airport or at the exchange sellers recommended by legitimate hotel owners.

Problem 2:
The first person a visitor frequently meets the boy selling postcards. These sellers often cheat the visitors either by overcharging for the cards or by asking for 5,000 VND but extracting 50, 000 VND from the confused tourists.
--> Solution 2
Visitors should be encouraged to purchase cards, maps and other such items from bookshops rather than street vendors.

Problem 3:
Even enterprising tourists who find the hotel on their own frequently find that a person claiming a commission has followed them to the hotel.
--> Solution 3
The receptionist should ask travelers whether such as person help them to obtain lodgings or not.


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