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The trips listed below are designed for budget' conscious travelers who are happy to experience Sapa at a basic, yet comfortable level. Your hotel is clean, meals are healthy, delicious and satisfying, home stays in the villages are well organized and very worth while. Treks can be arranged to range from easy to tough and adventurous.

Sapa 2 Day Minority Trek - 1 night hotel stay

Following your arrival in the early morning, you can shower, have breakfast and then begin exploring Sapa and its beautiful valley for 2 days, spending 1 night in the lovely FansipanViewHotel. The trek involves travelling from Sapa along the Muong Hoa River, during this you will pass through fascinating H'Mong villages. A great opportunity to take memorable photos, interact with locals and admire the spectacular scenery.

Sapa 2 Day Minority Trek - 1 night village stay
On this trek you will explore the beautiful Sapa valley for two days with a one night home stay in Ta Van village, home of the Dzay minority. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to touch base with nature, enjoy the mountain landscape and views, feel revived and mingle with the humorous village residents. A lovely genuine Sapa experience arranged by Sapa Pathfinde Travel.
Sapa 1 day trek with 1 day cultural market tour
A number of  our Sapa Pathfinder staff who take care of you from Hanoi, make you feel easy at the beginning until the end. This tour will bring you to the most Sapa beautiful valley with a day of trekking, A wide range of hotel to choose from for 1 night in Sapa, The other day you will visit BacHa market. This tour is feasible to start on Friday or Saturday from Hanoi.
2 Day Tavan Homestay and 1 Day Bac Ha Market Trip

Taking this 2 days medium trekking trip you will enjoy hiking from 5 to 6 hours every day, follow foot paths up and down mountains, through forest, terraced rice paddies, crossing river and water streams by suspension bridges, paying visit to local homes, witnessing daily life activities and experience the village stay. The last day is set for your Bac Ha market.

Sapa - Ban Ho Homestay 2 Day Trip
Breathtaking mountain scenery and tribal villages among perfect nature setting are highlights of Sapa. Getting off the beaten track and walking through villages where ethnic minority peoples live, paying visit to their homes, witnessing their every day activities,.. Although traveling in very basic condition, including 2 nights on the train, 1 night home stay in tribal village, the trip will bring unforgettable experiences.
Sapa 3 day Minority Trek - 1 night village stay, 1 night hotel stay
Try the different experiences by staying at the local family in the village and the hotel in Sapa. Most of Sapa exposure in rich tribe culture with meaningful lanscape will definitely make you an unforgetable holiday in Sapa which is the hightlight in Vietnam.
Sapa 3 day minority trek - 2 night village stay (Tavan And Ban Ho Homestay)
Trekking along the Muong Hoa valley with all the culture and living of minority people: H’mong, Dzay, Dzao, Tay. A golden chance to get to know all the main tribes in Sapa, to trek to most of the villages here. The scenery is unforgettable with paddy fields, villages along the stream and on the mountains...
Sapa - A Big Trekking Adventure and Homestay

SAPA Trekking 5 days & 6 nights. Visit Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ban Ho  and Thanh Phu with 10 villages of 5 different minorities. Private tour – Daily departure. This is the most sapa adventure and exposure with a big trek through most of the trible villages in Sapa, totally enjoy and study  the Sapa lanscape and local tribes.

Ta Phin Homestay 2 day 3 night trip from Hanoi

Spend a 2-day trip trekking to discover the valley Ta Phin in the North of Sapa, the village of the Dzao & H'mong minority people . Experience daily life of H'Mong and Dzao minority hilltribe people, learn their culture, and have a meal with them. Home stay offer you an opportunity getting a cultural exploration insight and a cub of rice wine during the dinner make this trip truly an authentic experience. 

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